Sales and Acquisitions

We provide accurate information reflecting market reality and work diligently at getting you the best deal when buying or selling an aircraft.

Integrated Aviation Group will help determine which aircraft make and model appropriately suits your needs based on your mission profile whether you are purchasing factory-new or pre-owned. We will then proceed by performing a worldwide search that will highlight the best suitable aircraft for your mission and budget. We run a market summary for the specific aircraft and compare multiple serial numbers to show the best option in class. Once an aircraft is targeted, we will conduct a comprehensive review which includes a visual inspection, logbook audit and title search so that the targeted aircraft is as represented by the seller.

Should you elect to sell your aircraft, or trade your aircraft (IRS 1041 exchange), our team of market researchers will present an honest evaluation of your aircraft and market it through various channels. We are not in the business of “listing” aircraft to build a portfolio of aircraft for sale, but rather, in the business of selling aircraft and getting you a fair market price.